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"Fantastic & Mindless Easy to Use & Does a Complete Job."

Ha! Easiest Keylogger Ever! Just Get It! ...and see what I mean. Does a thorough job and it's mindless easy to use. I'm using it as a Backup of sorts to save everything my wife and I are "Keying" into the computer in case something, hardware or software, crashes, or we want to find something we wrote, or typed on whatever day.

I've seen reviews for this and other KeyLoggers and found those reviews to be Useless, just like the Reviews posted here, and/or complaints about how the reviewer's Anti-Virus program got all upset about the KeyLogger App. Here's a Tip: If your Virus Protection GONGs your KeyLogger App, or any other Good App for that matter, go into the settings of whatever AV program you're using and EXCLUDE the KeyLogger so it gets ignored just like your other Good Apps. If your AV program doesn't have that feature, ditch it, and get one that does have it.

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24 Dec 2014

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